Gravity :   From sounds of speaking beneath water ,  5x5",  Digital print on paper,  2012
  Proximal :   From sounds of solar wind pushing against Earth ,  5x5",  Digital print on paper,  2012   
  -metry:    From gravitational waves of a cosmic string breaking ,  5x5",  Digital print on paper,  2012
  Stochastic :   From sounds of white noise ,  5x5",  Digital print on paper,  2012
  Or Grace :   From gravitational waves created as two black holes merge ,  5x5",  Digital print on paper,  2012
 Series published in  Evene,  a collaboration with  Andrew E. Colarusso , Brown University, 2012.  Edition of 14.
 These poems were written between September - November 2012.  Typeset and printed in Cochin, with italics in Bell on Olin paper (120gsm).  Dust jacket typeset and printed in Garamond on Ruscombe paper.  Marble paper from Fiulio Fiannini of Florence, Italy.  This book was bound by the author at the John Hay Library, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island.      Notes on Spectrographs  A spectrogram is a graph visualizing a spectrum of frequency values gathered from sources that exist in waves over time, such as sound or light.  These graphs are used most commonly in linguistic analysis of speech, the study of birdcalls and animal cries, seismology, and in astronomy to calculate the properties of stars and celestial objects.  Each illustration in  Evene  is derived from a spectrogram and sound sought out in response to its respective poem.         
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